sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

Minds vs Heart

What is the mind without the heart
What am I without my shadow
What is life without knowing that death comes
What is a song without a melody

Needed to search myself to go back
Had no signs of hope before lost in the darkness
Not knowing what my fate makes of me
And oh ignoring the fellowship accompanying me
There were swamps, slums, gottas, brunks, love songs,
Hidden pleasure, ignored passion, secret worship,
Quiet movement and undisclosed self loving
Now I know God has brought me here for something


My head says I lost my way
But my heart knows that my life is destined in anyway
A long road running towards stops where I pay
Pay, pay for what I have taken and is got what I deserving
Oh God knows very well that my sins are always before me
Yes he gives and he takes and he wounds and he breaks,
He destroys and he builds and still I knowThat his love is endless grace

Chorus (2X)

Tell me what your mind is without your heart
Tell me do you feel, do you feel happiness
Your heart, your heart, your heart…
Your soul, your soul, your soul…

Say we must destroy in order to rebuild,
In order to rebuild don’t you know, don’t you know
Your heart, Polarity must be for you and me, for you and me

Nneka - Minds vs. Heart

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